Benefits of technology with ELL’s

The benefits of using technology with English Language Learners are many. As a proponent of technology usage (blogging, Powerpoint, podcasts, webquests to name a few) I have observed and experienced many of the advantages. Below I will list some of these key advantages along with those that have been discovered in research done by others. The links to some of this research is located at the end of this list.

  • Increases student engagement from all participants
  • Improves student performance
  • Improves presentation and research skills
  • Improves writing, listening and oral communication skills
  • Promotes co-operation and collaboration among students
  • Online access to language translators
  • Access to international news in their own language
  • Improves online literacy and awareness
  • Easy implementation of differentiated instruction
  • Encourages peer review
  • Decreases teacher domination of discussions
  • Provides more opportunities for student expression that lead to more complex language production.

Check out these documents:

Use of Technology with ESL Students
Technology and Adult Learning: Current Perspectives
Computer Assisted Language Learning: an Introduction
The Internet: Making it Work in the ESL Classroom
English-as-a-Second-Language Learning and Collaboration in Cyberspace
Using Web-Based Language Learning Activities in the ESL Classroom

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