How to use technology with ELL’s?

There are no limits when it comes to the way in which technology can be used with English Language Learners. As teachers increase their experience, knowledge and confidence, so will there will an increase in the amount of applications and activities of technology use.

The list below highlights a few areas where technology can be used successfully with ELLs. I invite you to try what works best for you and your students, and maybe come back for visit to share your experiences. Possibly posting some additional and refreshing ways to utilize technology.

  • Smartboard / Interactive Whiteboard – differentiated and interactive lessons.
  • Blogging – promotes full class participation and interaction, increased opportunities for writing and investigation.  There are a variety of ways to use blogging. The obvious way is to have students creat their own blogs. However, that may be more appropriate for a higher ELL (ESL DO or EO). The other was is for teachers to create a class blog, post topics for discussion or tasks to complete, and students reply to the post and to each other. You can also create a blog to communicate with parents. Click here to discover more.
  • Podcasts – creation of oral diaries, radio shows, etc. Click here for more.
  • Videos – creation of DVDs, videocasts, etc. Upload to YouTube and create a channel.
  • Social networking sites – ie: activities like creating a Facebook page for Julius Caesar
  • Internet – learning how to research, use of language translators and dictionaries, email, etc.
  • Google Earth – lots of great applications for the classroom.
  • Google Slides/PowerPoint – a tool that can help ELLs give effective presentations.
  • Google Docs/MS Word – ELLs can re-type their notes, write tests and make use of spell check for assignments.
  • Games – online or self-created, games will engage students and that can only help
  • Webquests – Students use the world wide web to investigate and learn about a topic.
  • Wikis – best explained by visiting here.
  • Explore Learning Gizmos – A collection of online science experiments, math activities, etc.
  • Twitter – the popular social networking site appears to have some classroom applications. Click here to discover more.
  • HyperDocs.
Best Practices in Integrating Technology Into Adult ESL Instruction
Integrating Technology for Instruction and Learning
Ways to Integrate Technology Into ESL Instruction

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