I’m back!


Yes, I am still fully immersed in the daily workings of all things ELL and Technology.

Things have changed quite a bit since I created this blog in 2009.

I still promote and make use of technology on a daily basis with my ELL students, but I use a variety of tools and that list changes regularly — and it should since technology is ever changing.

A lot of what I use now is Google related – Google Apps for Education (GAFE), and Chrome with its many extensions and applications. Why? It’s free and accessible anywhere, from any device. And with its translation tools, it’s a no-brainer¬†to use with ELL students. Plus, these tools make collaboration much easier among students in the execution of effective PBL’s (I will post about PBL’s in the future but here is a link to get you started).


I hope to pop in and post regularly and provide helpful tips and ideas. But you can always catch up and keep current with me on Twitter (@EducatorHoss) – the feed is on the right hand side, and on Google+ (but that account is only visible to employees of the YCDSB).

All the best in your quest to optimize the use of technology with our ELL students.